New Man In Charge – Screenshots

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Looks like the video has been deleted. If we find another copy we’ll post it. Here is a summary of the informasi in this video.

– Walt’s whereabouts and fate
– The pallet drops (much more than what the sneak peek had)
– The Lamp-post
– Polar bears
– Pregnancy issues
– Room 23
– Hydra station
– Hurley Bird
– Chang’s aliases

Here is the video. Watch it before it gets removed.


Here are some screencaps from the full 11min 56secs of the Season 6 Epilogue, New Man In Charge.

“New Man In Charge – Detailed Synopsis

Bandar Ceme Online¬†Update: 3rd August I’ve just been contacted by a highly placed source who has confirmed that the synopsis below is FAKE.

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This looks like it will be the simpulan ever spoiler here at DarkUFO. Our contact WhatDoTasteBudsTasteLike has viewed the Lost Season 6 Epilogue and has kindly sent the details over.

So for the simpulan time…… Are You Sure?

The first scene is a man who has his back to camera walking towards a doorway with Dharma symbols on it. It’s Ben and as that picture hinted a week or so ago Ben is indeed shutting down the Dharma initiative for good. This scene is only like a minute long and Ben just tells the dudes in the Dharma jumpsuits that their assignments are done and that travel has been arranged for them back to their respective homes. The skinny dude asks Ben why this is happening and Ben does the cheesy turn around quick look into the camera and says “”There’s a new man in charge”” and he walks out of the station as the dudes gesture their disappointment. First scene is kind of cheesy but it gets much better.

Next up we see this fabled new man in charge who is of course Hurley. Hurley still looks the same but he talks differently and there’s no “”dude”” mentioned anywhere in the vignette.

Hurley is on the beach and is just starring off into the ocean. There is some noise coming from the bushes behind Hurley and Hurley has a weird cautious look in his eye but it’s just the dog who lays down next to Hurley. Hurley has a nice little scene here with the dog where he outlines his regrets and his view of the future for the island. There is a lot of good stuff here and I will leave that part a mystery. Hurley says there is supposed to be some sort of balance to the island and that balance is gone. Hurley gets up and brushes the sand off of himself and tells the dog he has some good news for him, WALT IS COMING TO THE ISLAND!

Walt is doing some homework and listening to music in his room. I guess this is some sort of prep school or some sort of academy because Walt has a room at the school and is wearing a nice little uniform. After a moment someone knocks on the door and it’s Ben. Walt looks like he’s thirty years old but he still remembers Ben’s face like he just saw him yesterday. Walt says he remembers what “”they”” did to him. Ben apologizes and he gets Walt to calm down. Ben explains Hurley’s role on the island and offers him passage to the island. Walt says that if he wanted to go to the island he could go there any time he wanted to. Ben is intrigued but his evil intrigue dies off and he stays on mission. Walt then asks why he would ever go back and Ben manipulates him and tells him that his father is on the island. Walt wonders why Ben is visiting him because if Ben could leave the island then so could Michael. Ben says that Michael needs Walt’s help and this works and WALT JUST FUCKING VANISHES as Ben smiles because he can still manipulate people like the old days.

Back on the island Hurley can still see dead people. I will not spoil the details of this scene as it both directly and indirectly involves John Locke and I can’t write up a spoiler about Mr. Locke. I will give a little hint that Hurley offers an explanation of Locke’s connection to the island and it fucking rocks and will be very satisfying but also very sad in regards to how things actually played out and how they should have played out. Are you… um…. stuck here? What if this island is the one that is stuck with me? Awesome scene. Very heady.

Final scene involves Walt and Hurley and offers a suggestion regarding the future of the island, things are left very much out in the open and the viewer must make up their own mind. Very good stuff. Fans will love it and it is very satisfying. The Vincent and Walt reunion will bring tears to everyone’s eyes and it was done amazingly well. Great score A+++++++