The Key To Lost Revealed .. In Picture Form?

Bandar Ceme Onlineย Update: 3rd Jan – 22:00 Quick update. The Analogy has nothing to do with Chess or actual Champagne ๐Ÿ™‚
Update: 3rd Jan My source just emailed me and said that A) It has nothing to do with Volcano’s and B) Someone in the comments has got it pretty close.

I’ve just received a very cryptic spoiler from one of my sources. I think it’s the first time that we’ve received a spoiler in the form of a photo before like this.

All that my source said was the following and attached the image below. Your guess is as good as mine at the moment……

dark, in the first 11 episodes of season 6 there will be a conversation between Jacob and Alpert in which the key concept of Lost will be “explained” in the form of an anology

 The Analogy has nothing to do with Chess or actual Champagne The key to Lost Revealed .. In picture form?

Is The Triangle Finally Over?

Menang Ceme The collective sigh of relief of millions of Lost Fans around the globe Is the Triangle Finally Over?What’s that sound? The collective sigh of relief of millions of Lost Fans around the globe ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ll I’ve just been sent this that appears to put an end to one part of the triangle…and we can only hope the writers don’t change their minds. Here is the excerpt that I can post from the email”

….pretty cool huh.oh and one more thing you can post is that early in the season there is a scene with Sawyer and Kate on Island not alt. In this scene kate tries to comfort sawyer but he totally rejects her in a big way. So much so that in the script itself the writers like they do when explaining the context/desciption of the scene actually say that these two are finally done/over – no going back! if I can remove the watermark from the script I’ll scan that page in and send it to you although you might get into copyright trouble with that if you decide to post it but I’ll leave that up to you. more to come next week when i should get to read scripts 12 and 13….

Lost Season 6 – Episode Scorecard

Bandar CemeOne of the things we did last year was to ask a number of our contacts to rate the episode Lost Season 6 - Episode ScorecardOne of the things we did last year was to ask a number of our contacts to rate the episodes that they have either read (scripts), viewed pre-production (dailies) or viewed completed episode/post-production. I’ve done the same this year for the first 9 episodes and have collated all their ratings out of 10 for the episodes.

Here are the results so far. It will be interesting to compare these results to our weekly episode polls that follow the airing of the episodes.

Episode 6.09 – AB Aererno – 9.60
Episode 6.07 – Dr Linus – 9.25
Episode 6.04 – The Subsitute – 9.10
Episode 6.01/6.02 – LA X – 9.00
Episode 6.05 – Lighthouse – 8.75
Episode 6.06 – Sundown – 8.40
Episode 6.08 – Recon – 7.10
Episode 6.03 – What Kate Does – 6.70

Lost Season 6 – 4Th Jan Snippets

Bandar Ceme OnlineJust a few snippets that I’ve managed to collate.

– From the recent Nasrani spoiler the “Am I alive?” statement is made by Charlie after Jack saves him
– Boone and Locke talk again in the Premiere
– Sawyer is back to his best conman ways in the Premiere
– Arzt and Hurley talk about Mr.Clucks
– Jin has money “issues”
– Christians Coffin never made it onto the plane
– Kate steals something from Jack
– Locke and Jack speak about Locke’s knives

Source: DarkUFO

Latest From Kristin – 4Th Jan 2010

Menang CemeUpdate: 16:20 I’ve added in bold what I think the answers are. I’m not 100% sure but pretty damn close ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that’s basically a red alarm warning you not to do something?

Well, that’s precisely the feeling I’m (stupidly?) ignoring right now as I cave in and give you highly vocal “Skaters,” “Jaters” and “Sulieters” what you’ve been asking–no, begging–for since our 12 Days of Lost-mas began: Some sort of informasi as to where Lost’s romantic storylines may be heading in the upcoming season.

So why is the red alarm going off? ‘Cause this is highly volatile subject matter, people!

But you asked, so here we go. Don’t shoot the messenger…

Six of these things are true:

Juliet survives the bomb. TRUE
Juliet does not survive the bomb. TRUE
Kate and Sawyer flirt. TRUE – Alt
Kate and Sawyer kiss. FALSE
Juliet and Sawyer kiss. TRUE
Jack and Sayid touch lips. TRUE – On Island

There is a scene with Sawyer in the season premiere that will make you cry buckets–assuming you aren’t a robot–and (possibly?) make you Skaters happy. TRUE – Juliet Dying

Which one is false?

Source: E!Online

Latest Details From Kristin – Jan 4Th

Bandar CemeRadina in Sofia, Bulgaria: I want to thank you for the awesome Lost-mas spoilers, and I really want to know if the kiss you mention between Sawyer and someone on Lost will be a flashback or a real-time kiss?

It’s not a flashback.

Wallace in Rhode Island: Thanks for all the amazing Lost scoop in the 12 days of Lost-mas! It was like Christmas over and over again. Could you give any more little morsels or is that all? I think the new season sounds pretty good. Do you think so?

Yes. From what I know so far, I truly think you all will not be disappointed. How’s this for a morsel for now: One Lostie we know and love will vow to kill another Lostie we know and love.

Rachel in Rio: I’ve always been your number one fan, but I’m just so sad with you right now. You put “Jate” in the title of your 11th day of Lost-mas article, and when I opened the link there’s a lot of Skate and Suliet spoilers, but nothing Jate. It’s OK if you don’t wanna or don’t have any Jate spoiler to give us, but it’s just cruel to do a thing like that. Thank you so much.

I am so sorry. I received many upset emails like this one, and I want you to know this was not an intentional slight. I fully meant to include something on Jate when I set out to write the article, but unfortunately was not able to dig up anything on their interaction, and (mommy brain, sorry!) simply forgot to change the title. The one thing I can tell you is that there seems to be more happening between Sawyer and Kate than Jack and Kate in the beginning of the new season, but as we all know, everything can change in one single episode on Lost, so don’t give up hope. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Jate fans that there is something worth squeeing about in season six! And again, my sincere apologies.

Source: E! Online
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Top 10 Tv Premieres In 2010: Lost

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to maelstrom for the heads up.

Lost (ABC)
Premieres: Feb. 2, 9 p.m.
Starring: Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell, Emilie de Ravin, Michael Emerson, Jeff Fahey, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Ken Leung, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O’Quinn, Zuleikha Robinson

Status: Returning for sixth and simpulan season

This is the end. My friends, this is the end. And you know what? It’s gonna be pretty freaking mind-blowing. Here’s why even you who have lost faith in this groundbreaking series over the years (tsk-tsk) will want to check out the simpulan 16 episodes, and you fans might want to keep a paper bag near by to breathe into…

There Are Answers. Finally, now that we are down to the very last season, Team Darlton is able to give the fans what they’ve been waiting five season for: answers! Who is the smoke monster? What is the Island? Why are they all there? It’s all down to the wire now, and I can tell you that in the first two hours alone of Lost’s sixth season, there are more “answers” to the show’s huge mysteries than there were in all of last season. Even if you’ve fallen out of this series, you will want to tune in to the end to see what it’s all about. And for you fans who’ve followed all along, you will not be let down.

Terry O’Quinn Is Front and Center. Remember a few seasons back when Terry complained that John Locke’s storyline was small, meek and misguided? Well, if only he could have seen then what is ahead for him in the simpulan season: a stronger, more intense and more commanding storyline than Terry has ever had on this series. T.O.Q. just plain rocks, and the twists he will take this season, like this one, will make you scream out loud.

It’s Like a High School Reunion Without Having to Worry Whether You Look Fat. As you are well aware by now, nearly all of the Losties we’ve loved and lost (Dominic Monaghan, Ian Somerhalder, Rebecca Mader, just to name a few) will be back in some capacity for season six. It is a pretty awesome welcome-home party, with new connections you might not have guessed.

That’s all just the teensiest, tiniest tip of one toe of that totally weird foot statue (which, yes, shows up again). So make sure you all tune in to Lost season six! Feb. 2. ABC.

Source: E!Online

Sawyer’s Choices

Menang CemeHey all, the flood of New Year spoilers seems to keep on flowing. Many of you asked about the little snippet from a previous spoiler which said “…pretty cool huh”. Well my source saw all your comments about this and decided to share with you that part. I won’t post the actual email as it has personal warta and other stuff in it but have recreated the key parts below.

“Within the first 4 episodes, Sawyer who has gone a bit “dark” meets up with MIB/Smokey and he is given 3 choices

– Go to the Temple with the Others
– Stay and wait with his friends
– Join him and help Smokey/MIB get off the Island

Sawyer chooses to join sides with Smokey

You can discuss this spoiler in our Forums here.